Nest Box Placement

Location of nest box is an important decision

  • Select an open area with scattered trees and sparse ground cover.
  •  The availability of landing places such as low trees or gutters in the proximity of nest boxes is desirable to aid bluebird fledglings in their initial flight.
  • Areas that are typically wise nest box location choices include:
    • Mown lawns
    • Fields
    • Meadows
    • Orchards
    • Road sides

Avoid: Underbrush, tall grass, dense woods, farm buildings and areas where pesticides are used.

Other nest box placement considerations

  • Ideally nest boxes should be mounted on metal poles (equipped with approved predator guards) approximately five feet above ground.
  • Orient the entrance of nest boxes away from the prevailing wind pattern and toward the Southeast if possible.
  • Mount nest boxes so they may be easily moved or repaired.
  • Nest boxes should ideally be in place by the end of February.


Nest Box Plans

There are many varieties of nest box plans and mounting systems available. More information can be found on North American Bluebird Society (NABS).