Buncombe County

Russ Bauman

  • NCBS County Coordinator since May 2015
  • NCBS Member since May 2012

Although born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Russ landed his first job in Texas where he met and married his wife, Susie. Recently celebrating their 20th anniversary, the couple and their three golden retrievers retired to Western North Carolina. This beautiful area inspired Russ to nurture an interest in still photography after his 35-year career as a broadcast photojournalist in Texas.

Shooting different species of birds (now 43) from his deck, he spotted the “most beautiful” bird on the back fence, an Eastern Bluebird. Online research led him to the NCBS local coordinator who gave him a wealth of information on bluebird behaviors. Buying a bluebird house and then throwing out some mealworms paid off, as his first brood was born that summer. Additionally,  many of his neighbors have started bluebirding.

Russ has donated a huge amount of bluebird pictures to NCBS, for which we are very grateful. Many of his photos can be found on our website,  Facebook page, and various newsletters.  His work has been published in Birds and Blooms, Biltmore Beacon, and Bluebird Journal of the North America Bluebird Society.

A big thanks to Russ for all his concern for bluebird conservation and his dedication to the mission of NCBS.