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This is the typical nesting season for Eastern Bluebirds in North Carolina. There can be up to 3 nesting cycles per season. Dates may vary due to weather conditions and other factors.
Time to clean out old nests, add new boxes, start a new trail!
Male Eastern Bluebird
Male Eastern Bluebird checking out a potential nesting site.
Bluebirds return, begin looking for mates, and nesting sites.
Bluebird eggs in nest
Five eggs -
typical first brood size
March - April
Nest site selection and nest building.
April - May
First Cycle
June - July
Second Cycle
Third Cycle
Female Eastern Bluebird
Young Bluebird hatchlings
Bluebird nestling with feathers
Female Eastern Bluebird checking out the box
Young hatchling - eyes still closed
Older nestling with feathers
Photos on this page: Liz Schmid, Kernersville, NC


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