Ways to Help Bluebirds

  • Increase nesting sites by installing a man-made nest box or creating a bluebird trail of many nest boxes.
  • Establish a bluebird feeder with dogwood berries, raisins, currants and mealworms.
  • Plant berry producing plants or shrubs.
  • Supply fresh clean water all year.
  • Monitor your nest boxes to identify and correct nesting problems to help improve the bluebirds’ chances for survival.
  • Collect nest box data for research and submit for statistical analysis.
  • Tell your friends about the bluebirds’ plight and encourage them to help.
  • Join the North Carolina Bluebird Society and learn about this sweet, shy bird. Our quarterly newsletter, Bluebird Notes, is an opportunity to read about the bluebird experiences of others, as well as share your own observations and questions with other members.
  • Give someone a NCBS membership.  Great gifts for bird watchers, nature lovers, and bluebird enthusiasts.
  • Volunteer your time as a representative of NCBS.
  • Donate funds  to assist with the conservation effort of bluebirds.