Wake County

Bill Satterwhite

  • NCBS County Coordinator since 2005
  • NCBS Member since February 1996

Bill loves the precious bluebird. He is known as “The Bluebird Man” of Wake County, North Carolina to friends and fellow “Bluebirders”. Bill founded Bluebirders of Wake County in July 1996 and continues to manage this club.

Bill has established trails of bluebird nest boxes locations in various Wake County locations, including parks, greenways, and schools. Bill spends much of his time educating people about bluebirds and giving tips on how they can help with their conservation. In addition to being a bluebird expert, Bill is also a Master Gardener.

Bill loves to talk about bluebirds.  Feel free to give him a call to discuss any questions you may have and chat about the precious bluebird.


Photo of Bill at a Bluebirder meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina


Bill proudly displaying a bluebird drawn by his grandson, Charlie.